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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Merry Christmas - to My Church Family

About my Church; we are a congregation that is relationally healthy.   There are many areas where we need to improve and grow.  However, we maintain true love for one another and a welcoming spirit.  It is an absolute blessing to be the pastor of this church.  Here is the short Christmas note I am sharing with my congregation:

Merry Christmas HillSong

            HillSong Church, I am very thankful that I get to be your pastor.  That God would call me to this place is a tremendous blessing.  I could cite all the international, state-wide, and local missions you support.  I could point to your consistent, enthusiastic appreciation of children’s and youth ministry.  I could celebrate the fact that our “seniors” (those folks 60-80 years of age) are ministry leaders in every area of church life.  All of these are things to be celebrated.
            However, beyond these things, what humbles me and makes me truly grateful are the relationships.  When I think about times with individuals in our church family, I thank God that I get to be part of it.  Some are good times – parties, graduations, weddings, or just a group going out to dinner, or to a movie, or to a Bulls game.  Some are trying times – long conversations in the hospital waiting room; lengthy dialogues over difficult theological and spiritual issues; leaning on each other in life’s disappointments.  Whether it is in the good times or in times of trial, when I walk through these times alongside you, the people of my church family, I know am with brothers and sisters in Christ.  I couldn’t ask for more than that.
            Thank you.  Thank God for you.  In 2017, continue growing as a church as your church staff, Enam, Heather and me, grow with you in love and in the work of bearing witness to the Gospel of Lord. 

-          Pastor Rob


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