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Monday, February 24, 2014

Ways to Read the Bible

Pathways for Encountering God in the practice of Bible Reading

1-Memorize Scripture (January 5)

2-Read the Bible Through in a Year (blog - January 7)

3-Keep a “God Notebook” (January 12)

4-Write your Life Story, Find a Life Verse (January 26)

5-Read Bible Commentaries (blog – January 27)

6-Read the news and take it to the scriptures; read the scriptures and take them to the news (blog – February 1)

7-Read the Bible as Story (adaptations, e.g. Wangerin’s The Book of God)(February 2)

8-Take the Bible to Bed with you; meditate on a Bible verse as you fall off to sleep (February 9)

9-Pray the Scriptures (February 16)

10-Study a Specific Bible person (such as David or Moses or Peter) (February 23)

11-Anchor yourself (Fenruary 24) – see the article about Antoinette Tuff -

12-Read Comparatively (Exodus-Deuteronomy; 1 & 2 King – 1 & 2 Chronicles; Synoptic Gospels; 2 Peter & Jude)

13-Ask questions (on a Monday, read a passage – come up with five questions; spend the rest of the week exploring those questions) – make sure the questions are impactful; questions about topics that matter

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