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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tell GOOD News

Tis the season for Americans to declare their party affiliation, or for independent voters to hold their noses and vote for the “lesser of two evils.”  The commercials in this campaign have been relentlessly negative.  And there have been side-shows.  Contending for the senate from Missouri, Todd Akin, made horribly insensitive comments about women who get raped.  Ultra conservative religious leader Pat Robertson incited thousands of adoptive parents by saying that children who have abuse in their past grow up “weird” and maybe shouldn’t be adopted. 

            What is a devoted Christ-follower to say amidst all this noise?  I suggest this.  Think of the very best things Jesus has brought into your life.  Maybe you desperately needed to know you were forgiven and in Christ you discovered you are and you are a new person, born again.  Maybe you realized you were living a shallow, materialistic life, and in meeting Jesus, you discovered true meaning and heard a divine call, and now your life has purpose.  The important thing is to answer this out of your story.  What has Jesus introduced into your life?

            Think about that.  Pray about that.  Think about your own story in specifics.  Perfect how you would relate your story of faith in different conversational contexts.  How you share it with the parent of your 12-year-old’s best friend might be different than how and when you share it with your cousin who is, practically speaking, an agnostic.  And how you tell your story to him is going to be different than how you do it with your boss. 

Think about what Jesus has brought into your life. 

Give careful preparation as you think about sharing your story.

            Pray for God to show you opportunities to share it.  Pray that God will let you when and how and with whom you should share.

            In this season of noise, distortions of the truth, and political fighting, tell some good news.  I think that is the mission Jesus has given us.

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