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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Frustrated Conversation

I have been frustrated by political conversation in our nation for a long time.  Republicans and Democrats typically trot out the same old cliches but rarely do they offer creative vision or original thinking.  The political speak just degenerates into name-calling and mud-slinging.  I hate it.

Recently, in a comment thread on my blog, the same thing happened, and I am to blame.  I reacted to thoughts and writings by taking them personally and becoming defensive.  I don't want to become so emotional.  I want this blog to be a place where I share my ideas and invite others to comment and offer their own ideas.  I want people to feel safe and comfortable sharing their views even if they differ with me.

In the recent comment thread, "Christian Believer" said some things, and I took them personally.  I decided to remove that thread.  "Christian Believer" and anyone else is invited to comment and disagree with me.  That's OK.  I ask that the exchange be respectful.  And I will try to uphold my end of that.  In the recent exchange I did not.  I was not very nice or respectful.   If I want good dialogue, I need to be a good dialogue partner.  I need to keep the big picture in view.

So, I pledge to do better.  Again, I invite you, my readers, to share and be part of the conversation.  "Christian Believer," I especially invite you.  I too am a believer.  And in my online dialogue with you, I want to do a better of job of honoring Christ and loving you as Jesus commands me to do so.  I have not done that.  I will strive to do so going forward.  

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