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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Five Reasons Today was a Great Day

First, my friend showed up at Bible study with the Green letter (eco-conscious) Bible. I am not an advocate of the Green Letter Bible, but in a recent blog I recommended people get study Bibles if it would prod them to open up scripture and read it. My friend thought I was succumbing to the latest liberal fad and he told me so. I rejoined that he ought to read it before he knocks it. Now, if he knocks it, I can't respond because I haven't read it. But, I am really just happy to be in a Bible study with a guy who is trying to hear God, trying to figure it out. That's very cool. I suspect he will still be more conservative than me, but that's fine. I hope we can learn from one another.

Second, a woman came into church and all I will say is someone in her family has been going through a lot. My wife and I have prayed often for that situation, as this woman has prayed frequently for us. Well, she said the family member had a really good day today. Lately that's been rare, and I could see in her eyes a lightness where there is usually burden. That was absolutely beautiful to see.

Third, a woman came into church pointing at me saying, "You said it! You said you wanted us (church members) to us our talents on the mission field, and I heard, and I am going." She went on to say how at her workplace there was a call out for people to go on mission to Uganda. She had the exact skill set needed. She knew the Holy Spirit (not me) was telling her to go. Then, she saw the price and knew it would be impossible. The next day, she got word that her skill set was in such demand, her department would pay her way. At that point, she had no choice and signed up. I feel so blessed to be a part of such mission-minded church. The prayer of commission (laying on of hands) is becoming a regular part of our worship we have so many people going!

Fourth, I had a good day with my son - from start to finish. This is huge because we've had our confrontations. I am extremely close to my little boy, but I am an intense person and he's strong-willed. Sometimes, we really clash. Today, we walked in great harmony and I am thankful.

Fifth, I was in a shopping center near our home when I happened to see someone who has been attending our church for some time. He told me he wants to join and he wants to be baptized! How awesome - a baptism. This is what we are all about.

As a bonus, my aunt and grandmother came over to join my dad and the boys and I. And tomorrow, my wife comes home. Yes, it has been a good day.

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