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Friday, June 29, 2012

Future Calling ... to Russia

I grew up in Cold-War America, so the Soviet Union, a/k/a Russia, was the enemy.

In 2005, my wife Candy and I adopted 3-year-old Igor, and since then Russia has occupied an huge chunk in my heart.  That's now seven years ago and a lot has happened.

We have adopted Henry (now 5) and Merone (now 3) from Ethiopia.  We have done mission work in Ethiopia.  There is a plan for long-term continued work there, sharing the gospel, providing food and money, helping kids who cannot be adopted.

For his part, Igor has become a fully American kid and other than his very Russian name, Russia is foreign to him.

Yet, as my life proceeds along, I have to continuously step over and around this massive bulge in my heart - Russia.  It keeps coming up.

I read the great authors - Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, Turgenev, Chekov, and of course Dostoevsky. And I think of Russia.  Or, I look at old pictures from our two trips there.  Lately, I've been curious about who reads this blog.  I checked out the stats page and found someone in Russia is looking at it.

So yesterday and today, I went online and looked at English versions of the St. Petersberg Times and Moscow Times.  I am too removed to have anything more than a passing understanding of the stories.  But again, the pull is there.  Today, I will proceed in life, but not without walking around this massive space, a solid object in the middle of my soul.

The organization I now volunteer with in missions - Children's Hope Chest ( has done work in Russia and has a trip planned this year.  I want to go.  But I cannot really afford it - either in terms of the money or in terms of (another) 9 days away from my family.

But one day, I'll be back.  One day, I'll be in Russia, drinking in the richness of one of the oldest and most wonderful cultures on earth.  One day, I'll be there with Igor, showing him the place he's from.  One day, I'll go to share about Jesus and to help kids and to encourage Christians.  I know it is so because God is calling.  I know God is calling because there's this huge boulder right in the middle of me called Russia.  I can't get it out or move.  And I don't want to.


  1. I enjoyed the blog on boulders. You can now note that someone in Nicaragua is (occasionally) reading your blogs. I've been trying to think if there is a similar boulder in my heart for someplace. Funny thing but I came up with a blank. When I am 'there' I just want to go home these days . . . CLW

  2. I always have a hard time putting into words how I feel about Ethiopia but this is exactly how I feel. I enjoyed reading this post as I know how you feel.