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Thursday, February 23, 2012

1:24 AM ... day two of Lent

wonder how many typos will be in this ...

Ok, it's 1:24AM. Why am I blogging? Why am I not in bed?

My beautiful daughter is awake, or was a while ago. Her bed is normall in her room, which also currently doubles as our guest room. Right now we have guests (my parents, a/k/a the sains who are staying with our kids while we get a night away, tomorrow). So, my beautiful 2-year-old girl has her bed in our room.

She woke about 90 minutes ago, kicking, screaming etc. Now, 90 minutes later, she is still awake, or maybe she's asleep. Usually, when this happens as it has the past three nights, I try to get her down. I fail. My wife takes over and gets it done. This all happens in Merone's room. When my wife is getting her to sleep, I am back in our room, in my bed, sleeping. But tonight, the painful routine is happening in my room. Tired of it, I declared I was going downstairs to do laundry.

Well, once a load is folded and the washer and dryer are full, then what? I can't exactly put the folded stuff away. I could, but it would wake the boys. That wouldn't be good. Soooo ...

... I read about the Miami Heat's domination of my new favorite NBAer, Jeremy Lin. I am such an NBA fan. Why do my beloved Detroit Pistons stink so bad? I stared at the NBA standings. Yes, Detroit really is 11-25. Was it that long ago that they were dominating Kobe and Shaq in the NBA finals? How distant the memory of making it to the Eastern Conference finals year after year. When does baseball start?

I checked on NCAA men's basketball. And Facebook. And my email. And now, this blog.

I remember when we got back from Ethiopia back in January of 2009. When first returning from that trip, crossing 8 time zones, you wake up super early, 2 or 3 AM. I remember one of those first mornings, being wide awake at an hour when everyone else is asleep, and I was on Facebook telling people I was awake. My dear brother in Christ, Phil, told me I should claim the time and pray. I was iritated by Phil's suggestion.

Ooops ... my wife came down and said the little precious one wanted to know where I was. So, I've spent the last 90 minutes trying to help her get Merone to sleep. It's now 3:01AM. Awesome!! We've decided that maybe it is teething. Or Satan. I told Candy about Phil's prayer idea. She liked it. Then I was iritated at her.

So, the light came on. I read books to Merone and told her I loved her and got her to smile. The lights went off and I laid there, with Merone between Candy and me. And she didn't sleep. After a while (felt like an eternity). I put her in her bed. She screamed. I got mad and almost yelled (maybe I did yell). Then I got dressed thinking maybe I'd take her in the van. Now, it's 3AM. In total I guess I have had 1 hour, maybe 90 minutes of sleep. And I am at my kitchen table, blogging, about to eat chocolate. My wife is upstairs with our awake teething 2-year-old.

Is this what it feels like to grow in Christ? Or, do I have to make it through the entire night without yelling at the child. Tonight I have had many tender moments of love, cuddling, drawing smiles. Unfortunately, they've been bracketed by yelling and anger. Do I need to go several nights without yelling before I can say I have grown in Christ.

This happened once before. Merone was up just about the whole night. I finally took her in the van at 5AM and she fell to sleep almost immediately. That was a Saturday night. I had to preach on no sleep. I am glad this is not a Saturday night. It's only 3:08 right now. I hope this time she konks out by 3:30 and stays aslumbering until well after 7 or maybe even 8. That would be alright with me.

I guess this rambling should stop. This has gone on long enough that I now have dry laundry to fold.

Oh, by the way, I did follow Phil and my wife's suggestion. I prayed. I asked God to help Merone and everyone else in my house to sleep. And I asked for God to bless Merone. As tired as I am and as loopy as I am getting, that second prayer, the one for blessing is the most important. We can survive a little sleep deprivation. We cannot survive without God's blessing.

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  1. Hey bro, I can empathize, I can empathize! You chose some particulary ornery rows to hoe, but just hang in there and the weeds will come under control, they will, and as you wack them (or hug them, as the case may be) and wug them, well things will sort them selves out (or they go off to college). Chris