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Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

It's been an overwhelming summer. We made two trips to Ethiopia, and between those two trips my sister got married. My brother and I along with two others comprised the pastoral team for the outdoor wedding. It was great. I am happy for my sis and seeing family was awesome.

While in Ethiopia, my wife and I researched what will be a mission trip for our church in 2012. We also adopted a little girl. Now our family is 5, not 4. And the jump up, adding another child, has been overwhelming. Merone is wonderful precious, beautiful. I love her.

Finally, now, August is here and life is settling down. Igor is back in school. Henry starts preschool next week. Merone is feeling more at home.

And I am finally getting back to this blog. I guess if I were a true writer, I would have been putting down my feelings, reflecting on everything along the way. There certainly was enough material. But, I was too caught up in life to pause to write about it. That's why I am not writing more now. I am going to finish up my September newsletter column and then I am walking home to see my family and meet Igor when he gets off the bus.

And that's it.

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